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urgent load

our cargo service works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to give you the ideal option so that your cargo arrives on time, to any destination in the world with constant support from our professionals.

dangerous load

we have aircraft designed to load products or merchandise that require special attention and permits for transportation. our team is up to date with all the regulations and restrictions of each destination.

heavy load

South American Cargo has a varied fleet of aircraft designed for large and heavy loads, for this we have rear ramp planes, nose ramp planes and aircraft with on-board cranes.

humanitarian load

we have the equipment and experience of loading and delivering humanitarian material in areas affected by natural disasters that require rapid response and attention. our wide fleet and connectivity area allows short delivery times that create a better performance in rescue efforts.

remote load

we reach hard-to-reach areas that require aircraft and special permits such as: landing on lawns, landing on unpaved runways, operations on short runways, transport of material or military equipment, transportation in hostile areas, transportation in political zones in conflict and transportation in disaster areas.

load for the oil and gas industry

we have the fleet and equipment with experience in cargo flights for the energy and mining industry, whether for planning multiple flights for the transfer of large industrial material and dangerous equipment, to flights for the transfer of smaller equipment. we can advise and accompany you throughout the process of transporting your operations to anywhere in the world.

loading live animals

we know how important it is for you that your animals are well cared for and can be transported safely, that is why we have equipment designed to transport your specimens, always accompanied by an animal care expert to guarantee their health and well-being. we transport from horses for sporting events and shows, to large exotic animals, complying with all the necessary regulations and permits in each country and region.

automotive equipment load

you have all our experience in transporting vehicles safely and quickly, which allows you to take your cars, motorcycles and trucks to anywhere in the world in a few hours; we also plan and execute the transportation of parts for your production line, always arriving on time so that your assemblies never have delays.

About Us

South American Cargo was born from the need to provide diversified, rapid, and tailored solutions to the multiple requirements in the wide world of the cargo industry. Based on the highest standards of safety and quality of service; supported by the vast experience and passion of our team, we provide our clients the confidence that their shipments are in the best of hands.

Time is a valuable resource; therefore, we offer precision in each of our delivery times. For us, no shipment or destination is unreachable; we have access to the largest cargo planes worldwide, as well as smaller aircraft, specially designed for detailed shipments.

Your cargo is safe in our hands!